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Taking services to new heights

Welcome to

General Lifts. 

A locally based company, we specialize in the maintenance and installation of lifts. Our services expand to that of even specialized lifting equipment such as Stair Lifts, Chair Lifts and Hydraulic Platforms. Our clients range from individual property owners, to governing bodies, specialist facilities and private companies.

Moreover, our multi-brand maintenance service is held in high esteem by our clients. We provide 24-hour emergency service, troubleshooting assistance, as well as our normal maintenance and servicing of
lifts in order to prevent potential breakdowns.

Offering many specialised services in lift installation, repair and maintenance. Use our catalogue below to see all the services and Installations we provide. 

We provide adaptable and personalisable products like the Domovil, vertical lifts, accessible pool chair lifts, and more.

Use our catalogue below to see the full range.

General Elevadores was founded in  Málaga in the 1980s, when Fermin Encuentra Peralta, after many years of experience at a number of lift companies, decided to form his own.

Our experts are the finest

Our offices are situated underneath the  Engineer Lane car park in  large elegant premises.  We are General Lifts, as a local based company, we specialise in the maintenance  and installation of lifts. Offering extended services including  other lifting equipment,  which includes chair lifts, stair lifts, escalators and hydraulic  platforms, as well as specialised  lifts to overcome disability  access issues. Our long list of  clients includes many property  owners, estate management  companies, landlords and  private entities, as well as, being  an approved contractor for the  Gibraltar Government. 

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Let’s Work Together.

37 A / 1 Engineers Lane, Gibraltar

Office: (+350) 200 69977

24hr Emergency : (+350) 20067979

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