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Accessibility Solutions

We have a wide range of Accessibility equipment to overcome architectural barriers in your home or building of residence.

Our flagship product, the Domovil, is an oleodynamic lift with a reduced speed of up to 0.15 m / s. It is preferably designed for single-family homes where they need an accessible equipment with few stops.

We install vertical lifting platforms, of different meters of travel, making the most of and occupying the minimum space. Stairlift platforms, both for straight and curved sections, are another of the products that we place with enough space to also allow accessibility to people with wheelchairs.

We also install specialised Stairlifts, silent and with soft stops, both to go up and down safely, in different sections of stairs. For more specific needs we have pool and bathtub lifts, transfer cranes, and other products to help the elderly or people with reduced mobility. View just some of the accessible products we have to offer below.


Find out what we can do to take care of you.

We know how important it is to carry out our day to day without difficulties that slow down our quality of life. We work so that nothing prevents you from getting where you want, overcoming any obstacle along the way.

We take care of each project adapting to the maximum to the needs of each client, working with reliable products of the best quality.

Given our extensive after-sales service, in addition to the installation of the equipment, we also provide the maintenance service.

We provide adaptable and personalisable products like the Domovil, vertical lifts, accessible pool chair lifts, and more.

Use our catalogue below to see the full range.


Curved route

Curved route

We have a wide range of stair lift chairs for curved routes, providing you with the model best suited to your stairs and at the best price, without ever neglecting the safety and reliability of your movements.

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