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Locally based and staffed to ensure the very best service possible.

Taking services to new heights.

Our offices are situated underneath the  Engineer Lane car park in  large elegant premises.  We are General Lifts, as a local based company, we specialise in the maintenance  and installation of lifts. Offering extended services including  other lifting equipment,  which includes chair lifts, stair lifts, escalators and hydraulic  platforms, as well as specialised  lifts to overcome disability  access issues. Our long list of  clients includes many property  owners, estate management  companies, landlords and  private entities, as well as, being  an approved contractor for the  Gibraltar Government.

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General  Lifts also forms part of UK Lift  Associations. Our company was  incorporated twenty years ago  and our mission statement is to ;  provide lift installation,  design and maintenance services  that would guarantee quick response to emergencies, reduce  lift breakdown times and create  local job opportunities, offering specialised  training. We have locally based  admin staff and a workforce  ready to ensure the very best  quick, efficient and reliable  service. Needless to say our 24/7 service has an excellent track record.  

We also attend yearly lift fairs and as a result have established a working relationship with  different companies to provide  technical backup and acquire the best BS standard products and  keep up to date with the current  UK regulations, as this industry  is continually evolving.

Being the only local  lift company on the Rock , you no longer need to phone abroad to obtain  lift services. Completing well over 140+ brand new lifts over the past few years, one of our most  recent projects include the  installation of lifts in Midtown  and Commonwealth Parks.   We can provide  a quick and reliable consultation and a lift breakdown service that  will have you up and running much  sooner than has been the case thus  far. Not only this, but we also provide small in-home installations such as stair lifts subject to planning permission and criteria, of course, and can be  contracted to service and maintain your lifts, as well as, design and  install their own brand lifts for new projects which can be custom  made.

Has your lift been neglected or deteriorated with use?

Don't worry! We also assess old lifts as part of the wide ranging service we provide.  

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Our partner

General Elevadores.

General Elevadores was founded in the 1980s when Fermin Encuentra Peralta, after many years of experience at a number of lift companies, decided to form his own.

What started out as a family business has now become a leading name in the multi-brand lift maintenance sector, with over 200 employees.

We also install lifts of our own brand and accessibility equipment, without ever losing sight of the quality of the processes, in addition to excellent customer service.

General Elevadores, has offices all over Spain and countries in Europe and South America. We also have subsidiaries and distribution companies in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Just as we provide our services in various parts of the world, we also provide them to other companies requiring assistance, in addition to professional technical guidance, both at home and abroad.

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