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Lift Modernisation

or replacement.

 are experts in lift modernisation.

We at General Lifts

There comes a time when we have to replace lift components due to breakdown, deterioration and general over use and wear and tear. Improvements can be made to increase the comfort and safety of the equipment, to achieve energy savings, and other times, to upgrade to a more current design. 

Spare elevator parts

Do you need to modernize or replace a spare part for your lifting equipment?

We have them all. Both from our own range of products and spare parts from other brands. Consult with us and leave your lift in the best possible hands. 

Would you like to modernise your lift cabin?

You can choose from our wide range of designs and finishes to modernise your lift.

View the catalogue below for more information.

+ Laminates.

+ Floors.

+ Ceilings.

+ Grooves.

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