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Maintenance of lifts and other lifting devices.

We are specialists in elevator maintenance. We review your elevator and other lifting devices so that they have the least number of incidents and breakdowns through effective preventive maintenance, according to European regulations, and based on our extensive experience of many years.

Along with this preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance is carried out to correct possible breakdowns, offering you security and peace of mind.

In addition, we will assist you with our 24-hour service for emergencies every day of the year, and we solve them quickly with our high stock of original spare parts.

Our predictive maintenance, through personalized and professional attention, will keep you informed of reforms and recommended repairs to avoid breakdowns before they occur.

Extensive experience in the lift maintenance sector

We offer a wide range of contracts to suit your needs, studying the installation of any model of lifting device (even those of other brands) to offer you the appropriate coverage.

Our expertise in the lift maintenance sector is second to none and you will notice it from the first moment. We offer highly trained technicians backed by industrial engineers or independent assessors who guarantee high-quality support.

We carry out monthly periodic reports to be able to recommend the necessary improvements in your equipment.

We are with you throughout the process, providing you with a clear and detailed assessment of what you need and how we will repair or maintain your equipment



Always looking out for you.

24-hour service 

Our differential factor in the sector is that we have a longer and more flexible schedule to receive your notices. We are always on the lookout for you by answering calls for breakdowns received by the company. Breakdowns can be reported to the office during office working hours or at any time on our specialised 24-hour emergency on call service.  Your safety is the most important thing to us. Therefore, so that you always feel close to us, we offer you our 24-hour call service, 365 days a year. 

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